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Welcome Calistoga Activists!

Organization Purpose:
To keep  our community informed: of local and national news, of marches and rallies where they can support progressive causes, of how they can support their Members of Congress and help in the election process of those who stand for our values and legacy. To stay abreast of news, especially where it affects or threatens our Democracy and our environment, and keep out community informed. To support a monthly local march in the city of Calistoga. To support and educate each other about the democratic and political process, and laws governing these processes.

Community Served:
The Calistoga and neighboring communities, including St Helena and Rutherford. We are inclusive and include all who support and wish to maintain our Democratic values and legacy.

Regular Meetings:
Regular Meetings: Yes

Regular Events:
A monthly march for Democracy in Calistoga on the fourth Friday of the month at 12:00 pm. We start at the Calistoga Library at the corner of Lincoln Ave and Myrtle St.

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