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We are Napa County Young Democrats. An ambitious group of young people fresh off the vine in Napa County. We aim to promote civic engagement and participate in the politics that lead our lives. Our group members are future leaders hoping to make fundamental change in their communities, and to be the change that their communities want to see. We engage in a broad range of issues, from voting rights to civil rights,and from environmental reform to economic reform. The issues we engage in reflect the array of diversity and passion of our group members, and we aim to attract other young people into our collective in order to inspire the future leaders who will be addressing these ongoing problems.

Welcome Napa County Young Democrats!

Napa County Young Dems

Organization Purpose:

We are Napa County Young Democrats. An ambitious group of
young people fresh off the vine in Napa County. We aim to promote civic
engagement and participate in the politics that lead our lives. Our group
members are future leaders hoping to make fundamental change in their
communities, and to be the change that their communities want to
see. We engage in a broad range of issues, from voting rights to civil
rights, and from environmental reform to economic reform.

The issues we engage in reflect the array of diversity and passion of our group
members, and we aim to attract other young people into our collective in order to inspire the future leaders who will be addressing these
ongoing problems.

Community Served:

Mostly young people, but the issues affecting young people in Napa
County can vary greatly. Ranging anywhere from immigrant rights to
women’s rights, or from housing to environmental consciousness.
There really isn’t a primary community of just young people living in the county, however there are a variety of overlapping communities
within the county that young people are members of. It’s those
young people in intersecting communities in which we wish to galvanize.

Twitter: @NapaYoungDems

Esperanza Padilla
Manveer Sandhu
Ricky Hurtado

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