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Organizing for Action Napa County is the Napa chapter of a national volunteer non-profit organization of millions of Americans committed to lasting change.

OFA Summer Intern Program – Sign Up NOW

OFA Summer Fellowship Program runs June 24th through August 2

 Follow the link below if you are interested in training for community Engagement.


Organizing for Action’s elite fellowship program is designed to train the next generation of progressive leaders and issue advocates. Fellows emerge from this intensive six-week program highly skilled in the tools community organizers use every day to create change in their communities. Working in one of three tracks (basic, intermediate, or advanced), fellows develop skills in areas such as community engagement, digital organizing, and digital content production.


Sign up at

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Urgent – ACA Phonebanking NOW

Hello Everyone

The vote to repeal the ACA could come on Tuesday.

We now have a PDI Virtual Phone Bank for Issa’s district.

Use this if you have a computer or tablet that will connect to the Internet.

Share this email with all your networks.

If you don’t have a computer or tablet email Anne Bennett <>

PDI instructions 
1. Go to this link  Issa Phone Bank

2A. If you have used the system before enter your email address and then skip to step 4
2B. If you are a new user click on the Click here to Register link which is under the green Log In button

3. Fill out the required information to register (First and Last name and email) then select Save

4. Enter the password resist (case sensitive)

5. Select OFA as the volunteer organization, then select Log In

6. A phone # will appear in the upper left corner. The person’s  name will appear in a box near the middle of the screen and the script will appear below.

7. If you do not reach a person click on one of the Non-Contact Codes  then select the blue button in the lower left to go to the next call.

8. In the script you will ask the person if they support the ACA, if they do select the Supports Candidate/Ballot Measure button and click on the green arrow

9. The script on next screen ask the voter if they will call Congressman Royce and provides a phone #. If they agree to make the call select
Yes patch Through   (there are some call centers in LA that patch callers through but we are not part of that system so if the person says they will call Issa we mark the “Yes patch through” option)

A new phone # and name will appear on the screen.

You Can Make These calls until 9PM and start again at 9AM tomorrow.

I broke my leg last Monday, and have been pretty miserable since, I will be calling until I make 50 calls. I challenge each of you to do the same. 

Linda Hemenway
Sonoma County Chapter Lead
Organizing for Action
707 843 6110
Twitter  @OFA_Sonoma
Facebook – OFASonoma-County

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