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Take Action NOW on Kavanaugh Hearings

Action: call your MOCs and Grassley’s office and demand transparency and postponement of the hearings until the documents are released and made public. Also tweet at all the GOP members of the committee with #whataretheyhiding and #kavanaughhearings
Senator Chuck Grassley’s D.C. number is 202-224-3744
The lines are clear, and not enough are calling. The Judiciary Committee number is: 202.224.5225.

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EVERY DAY until November 6th

Texting for Beto O’Rourke (from home)


Welcome to the Beto for Texas Texting Team! We’re happy you’re here!  To get started, please follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up for a texting shift here
  2. Sign the volunteer non-disclosure agreement here
  3. Read the Texting Team Guide and watch the How to Use Relay video
  4. Sign up for Relay and Slack (you’ll read more about this in the guide)

If you have any questions, please email us at 

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On March 24, the kids and families of March For Our Lives will take to the streets of Washington DC to demand that their lives and safety become a priority and that we end gun violence and mass shootings in our schools today.

March with us in Washington DC or march in your own community. On March 24, the collective voices of the March For Our Lives movement will be heard.

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TAX SCAM: Call CA GOP NOW! (do-over vote Wed.)

Today the House just voted 227-203 on the tax bill. Out of our 14 CA GOP members, 12 voted YES. The 2 NO votes were Issa, and Rohrabacher.

Then it turns out that a number of the provisions in the bill that just passed the House actually violates some Senate rules.

Therefore, those provisions will be removed when the Senate votes later tonight. And then the House will need to re-vote on the legislation tomorrow.

We have 2 call tools available to contact CA voters in targeted districts.
1) PDI VPB updated instructions here ( We heard that it is not clear how to enter the data on first page so instructions are now much clearer.)

2) Courage Campaign Hub Dialer here

We need to KEEP UP THE WORK! Make those phone calls. We have another 24 hours!

There will continue to be different analyses and resources coming out on the impact of the bill, and how we keep up accountability – and we’ll be sure to group them together and share. But here is a link for starters:

1. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities How does the final Republican tax bill affect your state? (interactive map here)

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First rules:

  • Speak slowly and politely
  • Do not bad mouth Moore

GOTV- SF BAY AREA PHONE BANKS for Alabama US Senate Special Election – December 12, 2017


Saturday, December 09, 2017 at 10am – 2pm at El Sobrante.  RSVP
Sunday, December 10, 2017 at 1pm – 3pm at El Sobrante.  RSVP
Monday, December 11, 2017 at 1pm – 4pm.  Orinda.  RSVP
Monday, December 11, 2017 at 1pm – 3pm.  El Sobrante.  RSVP
Tuesday Election Day December 12, 2017 at 9am – 1pm in El Sobrante.  RSVP


Election Day in Alabama is 4 days away, and the race is incredibly close. Voter turnout will be the deciding factor in who wins the election, and we’re holding several phone banks to help get out the vote.  For those that can’t make it, please call from home with the following links:


The following Alabama phonebanks allow you to contact African American voters in urban Alabama as well as the rural Black Belt. Click the phonebank link and then login with your ActionID or create an ActionID.


Urban Alabama


Stillman College (Hays Center)

Belk Activity Center

Bobby Miller Activity Center

McDonald Hughes Community Center

New Life Baptist Church

Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church

Jefferson County (Birmingham area)

Birmingham – Precinct 2010

Huntsville Oakwood University Church


Here are the Mobile phonebanks; these include African American as well as Latino voters.

016 – Collins Rhodes Elementary School

025 – Hope Chapel AMEZ

028 – Moffet Road AOG

029 – Forest Hill Elementary

033 – Sunlight Auditorium

Rural Black Belt

Hale County
Precinct 43 (National Guard Armory, 515 Greene St, Greensboro, AL)

Bullock County

Precinct 0031

Precinct 0032

Sumter County

Precinct 0414

Perry County

Precinct 0011 – ( National Guard Armory 114 MLK Memorial Parkway, Marion)

Precinct 0051 (270 LUICAN ST, Uniontown, AL)

Etowah County

Carver Community Center

East Gadsden Recreation Center

Wallace Hall at GSCC

Lowndes County

Precinct 0011

Precinct 0041

Precinct 0061

Precinct 0121 

Macon County
Macon County is home to the Tuskegee Institute; there are only 8700 voters in the County and 7,200 of them are African American. These phonebanks are the precincts with more than 1,000 voters.

Precinct 0101

Precinct 0312


Dallas County (Selma and neighboring areas)

Precinct 0401 Orrville

Precinct 0501 Tipton

Precinct 0801 – Mt. Zion Church

Precinct 9343 – Woodrow Fire

Precinct 9342 – Selma Mall

Precinct 9182 – Eastend

Precinct 9521 – Cahaba Fire


Marengo County

Precinct 0101

Precinct 0102

Precinct 0408



Ongoing Call for Help


We are in need of blog writers, phone/text bank hosts, drivers to canvassing events and more.  If you would like to help in some way, please feel free to respond to this email or email us at

Thank you,

Jackie, Jill, Mario, Isabel, Sheila, David, Rebecca, Ellen, Amy, Molly, Nancy

Commit to Flip Blue Steering Committee

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Hotline, Network to assist undocumented immigrants in Napa, Sonoma counties

From: Bay City News Service Nov 10, 2017

A 24-hour hotline and rapid response network launched Thursday in Sonoma County to help defend undocumented immigrants from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement actions, organizers said.

The hotline can be reached at (707) 800-4544. It will give undocumented immigrants access to a wealth of resources organized by a network of community groups in Sonoma and Napa counties, the North Bay Rapid Response Network.

“Our goal when we interact with callers is to be sure they know their rights,” said Omar Medina, a spokesman for the network.

The hotline has bilingual dispatchers who will answer the phone and send trained legal observers to document ICE raids, Medina said. The legal observers will track, verify and document ICE raids in the workplace, homes, neighborhoods and checkpoints.

“The observers will be watching what is happening, taking video and writing stuff down to have a legal case,” Medina said.

“If anyone is detained, they (observers) will be getting the necessary details so we can get them with a lawyer, and the lawyer will know what location they are taken to,” he said.

Also, the Rapid Response Network will provide accompaniment teams to give families support, accompanying them to court and helping them deal with the system, according to Medina.

Everyone involved in the effort is helping out on a volunteer basis, he said.

The service will be extended to Napa County in a couple of months, he said. Training is still going on there, according to Medina.

“We were going to launch Oct. 12, but that was the week of the fire so we delayed our launch,” he noted.

The North Bay Rapid Response Network—Sonoma & Napa Counties is a network of various community groups and organizations in Napa and Sonoma counties working to create a way for people to cope with the increase in immigration enforcement, ICE raids and other actions.

“We want to make sure we are prepared and ready to defend our community and let people know there is a community behind them to keep families together,” Medina said.

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Napa Affordable Housing a Major Issue

I just signed the petition, “Napa County Board of Supervisors: Housing at Old Sonoma Road.” It’s important that we let our county supervisors know that providing housing that is affordable is important.  Will you sign it too?

Please share with your friends.

Please sign the petition.  Here’s the link:

Posted at the request of Sharon Macklin, founding member of Progressive Women of Napa Valley

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Today, Mitch McConnell introduced version 2 of Trumpcare and we must act NOW to stop this bill dead in it’s tracks.

McConnell is effectively giving  nothing on either the bill’s astonishingly brutal Medicaid cuts, or on the broader structure of how the bill treats the exchanges. It does sound like this new version would scale back a few tax cuts for the wealthy, and pump extra money into stabilizing insurance markets and combating the opioid epidemic. But that’s it.

The most critical senators are in Nevada, Maine and Ohio.  If you know  anyone in those states, please reach out and have them contact their senators – NOW!



These  senators are most likely to vote against Trumpcare. They need to hear from you. Call and tweet their offices right now to tell them not to take our health care away.

Sen. Dean Heller (NV)

Sen. Susan Collins (ME)

Sen. Rob Portman (OH)

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Pledge Time: If Mueller is fired mobilize IMMEDIATELY

If Robert Mueller gets the axe it’s essential that we drop everything and become visible — hundreds of thousands of us within 10 minutes, millions within two hours. We will need to hit the streets, at once:  Do not pass GO, do not bother to collect $200 from George Soros.  But most important, DO NOT HESITATE.

There will be anger and it must be seen, but even more important than that, it will need to be channeled into non-violent means of protest. We have to be prepared for that. We need to set the tone — we can’t afford to leave this one to chance.

Be ready. Pass the word. May we not need to actually do this, but if we do our reaction should be instantaneous, peaceful, and massive. It is possible for Congress to reestablish an Independent Prosecutor position if Trump has Mueller fired, but Republicans will hesitate to do so. Only the scale of our reaction can force their hand to do so.  But we must represent the non violent affirmation of democracy’s spirit through our highly visible presence, one that can resonate with true patriots everywhere, regardless of their party affiliation. Our manifest resolve to do this, if needed, could even be what finally deters a dismissal that would trigger this event.

If we are forced to respond it should be as close to a General Strike as our nation in its current state can muster — but I wouldn’t call it that, rather it’s a mass mobilization display of our resolve. The goal isn’t to shut down our economy anywhere — just to demonstrate the breadth and strength of our resistance to another “Saturday Night Massacre” and the constitutional crisis that one would inevitably plunge America into barring swift Congressional intervention. We owe this response to multiple past generations of Americans who preserved a working Democracy for us to have and pass on to future generations of Americans.

None of this is because any of us can know with certainty what Robert Mueller may or may not find if allowed to do his job, I trust in his integrity to be guided by the facts. Rather it is because we do know with certainty that, in a Democracy, no Ruler can dictate which rules govern them, or who is allowed to question their conduct while in office.

If Robert Mueller is fired, Into the streets. Everywhere. Instantaneously. Simultaneously: PEACEFUL MASS RESISTANCE.

Spread the word..

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