FAX Congress NOW

I just sent this message (tweaked a bit for each person) to Speaker Pelosi (FAX: 202-225-6999) , Jerry Nadler (FAX: 202-225-6923), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and my congressman, Mike Thompson (FAX: (707) 251-9800), via FaxZero. Feel free to copy my message or write your own but do SOMETHING – you will feel better for it, trust me!

Dear Speaker Pelosi –

I understand your hesitancy to proceed with impeachment charges against Donald Trump in terms of how it might affect the 2020 election. But we can’t wait for that. There is too much damage that has been done by this administration and too much more they could do between now and the election. The recent powers Trump granted to the AG is another example of why the Dems cannot wait to impeach. Donald Trump is turning us into an autocracy more and more every day and the danger to our democracy is too real to wait. I implore you to take action NOW before it is too late.


Active Citizen
Everytown, State

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