Mobile Phone/Internet Tools

People are creating websites, apps, lists, etc. at an incredibly fast pace – all to help us resist #45 and his administration.  Below are the ones I’ve found most useful.  If you find a tool that belongs on this list, PLEASE SEND IT TO ME!

Send a Fax to your Congressional Representative with FaxZero  Click here to get started.  Also: send a fax to your Senators | Send a fax to your Governor. The White House and Attorney General are  not accepting faxes.

Text the word RESIST to 50409 – free faxes, emails, letters to your senators, your representatives – created by ResistBot. Here is the website all about it.   If you like it, they accept donations at

Countable:  Take Action with the Government, Bills, the Issues Countable is available online, on Facebook, as an app for your phone, and offers a newsletter.  It is an exciting tool. Be sure to sign up for it today:

Daily Action Alerts – To join, text the word DAILY to the number 228466. Every morning, you’ll receive a text that links you to your Senator, member of Congress, or other appropriate official.   Read more about it on the website.

Download APP to your Phone:
5 Calls – Makes it easy to make 5 phone calls a day.  Go to your smart phone App Store and find the free app “5 Calls”.  Download and it’s ready to go.  You’re prompted for your zip code and it finds your representatives.  It offers several scripts to use for different topics and provides a way to record the results of your calls.  Pretty darn awesome.  Read about it on the website.

There are several ways to to sign up to send postcards for different campaigns.
1) The website, which has all the information you need:
3) Text HELLO to ABBY The Address Bot at 1-484-ASK-ABBY (1-484-275-2229)
4) Like their Facebook page at There are lots of great photos, ideas for your postcards and Q&A.

Rapid Resist (Text Banking)
Rapid Resist was founded in February 2017 to leverage blue state energy in support of resistance work across the country. Our theory of change is that local organizing efforts will build the long-term people power necessary to stop autocracy. We have the capacity to build those organizations now, long before the 2018 elections.  So we developed a system that uses peer-to-peer text messages to recruit for big events and requires little from local activist leaders. Sign up for a Text Banking shift today!
Find your closest Swing District and join its team to learn about actionable opportunities to support progressives—and defeat Republicans—in that district, no matter where you live.  You can join and participate in local House Parties.

Sister District Project
The Sister District Project harnesses the energy of volunteers in deeply blue (or red) places and channels it to where it can make a real impact. The idea is to become a member and connect to a team.  Note that this organization works with a series of Allies to corroborate and strengthen efforts.   Be sure to sign up as a volunteer so that you can get involved with our sister races.

Vote California Mobile APP
The Vote California App was developed and launched by the California Secretary of State, The Pew Charitable Trusts and California counties, to connect you with the essential information you need to cast your ballot.

The app has:

  • Information about the November 8th General Election
  • Voter status lookup
  • Polling location information
  • Quick guide to propositions

You can download the app on your smartphone today! Simply visit Google Play or the Apple Store and search “Vote California.”

Group Carpool
There is an easy to use tool on the web which anyone can use for ridesharing/carpooling.  This might be handy for big trips – like  San Francisco, Sacramento.  If you want to organize carpooling for an event, set it up on this website, post it on your Facebook page, Twitter page and/or let us know and we’ll post it on our calendar.  You can also use this tool within your own private group.   One person sets up the Carpooling Signup Sheet (naming it how you wish) and then shares the link for this event  – with a private group or Facebook page or wherever you’d like.   People can go to your sign up sheet and add their cars and/or get on a Waitlist for your event.

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