Napa Valley ACTS Mission Statement

Napa Valley ACTS is joining forces with Women’s March Napa Valley to support progressive action in the Napa Valley. and beyond.

Napa Valley ACTS Mission Statement

We network the progressive political groups of Napa County to provide the most up-to-date information on political activities, so citizens can take action.

Our mission:

  • networks the progressive groups in the Napa Valley, gathering and disseminating the most up-to-date group event information,
  • mobilizes these groups and Napa County residents to take action, and
  • provides thought-leadership to these groups and their members.

Target Audiences:

  • the leadership of the politically-active progressive groups in Napa County and its’ membership
  • county residents interested in becoming/staying politically involved

Team Members:

Ellyn Elson

Sally Archambault
Colleen Chappellet

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Providing the platform for progressive action in the Napa Valley