Earth Day Celebration

Be a Part of EARTH DAY Napa 2018

Earth Day Napa brings our community together to celebrate, honor and protect nature and Mother Earth. This event is also a fundraiser to support a bus grant program for environmental education field trips and scholarships for graduating high school students pursing studies in the field of environmental studies.

This event is hosted by Earth Day Napa and Environmental Education Coalition of Napa County.

There are numerous opportunities to get involved to help make Earth Day a success and to be part of the ongoing efforts to protect and honor mother earth.  For EARTH DAY, there are opportunities to volunteer, exhibit, become a sponsor or donate to make the day a big success.

The Environmental Education Coalition of Napa County (EECNC) is a non-profit which connects members of our community with the local environment. Through a network of local organizations, EECNC provides resources and support to promote sustainable living and to cultivate an appreciation of the natural world.

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