Post Cards to Voters

Post Cards to Voters for Election Run-Off

Senate Runoff on November 27

Mississippi voters will be going to the polls again this month.  No candidate received more than 50% of the vote in their Special Election for the unexpired term of the U.S. Senate seat which was vacated earlier this year.

Another election. Right around the holidays. When it is reasonable to expect voters are fatigued with campaigns. Runoff election turnout is always abysmal. I can only imagine how low the numbers will be this time.

But, it’s not for a local office. It’s for the U.S. Senate. Low expectations and a distracted/overconfident opposition are key ingredients for an upset Democratic victory. The extra ingredient: your postcards to voters.

Former Congressman and Secretary of Agriculture Mike Espy could be another Democrat serving in the Senate. Fun, friendly, handwritten election reminders will be so unexpected. They’ll fill mailboxes across Mississippi with the kind of “magic” that has helped flip seats for 19 months where people least expected it. (And, as a bonus, the name Mike Espy is short enough to write easily.)

Yes, you will hear people say all the time that Mississippi cannot be won by Democrats. But, look at how close statewide elections have been in Georgia and Florida. Look at the many elections won by Democrats in unlikely places with razor-thin margins.

If you have time, postcards, and postage to write to at least 5 voters this week, we need you.

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