Rapid Mobilization for Napa County

The following slideshow represents an overview of the steps to take to prepare for community Rapid Mobilization in Napa County in the event of a political crisis (such as Robert Mueller being fired).  It includes suggestions for creating Rapid Mobilization Kits for all of us have on hand.

Please sign up for the Women’s March Napa Valley ACTION  list today so you can be notified quickly.

MoveOn has created a similar plan. If this becomes necessary, please come out if you can. Click here to  sign up here for MoveOn text alert, too.  Always a good idea to be doubly-prepared!
When Would We Be Called to Mobilize?
In Napa, if a crisis occurs before 2 PM on any given day, the rally would begin same day at 5 PM.  If a crisis occurred after 2 PM the rally would begin the following day at 12 PM (noon).
Where Would We Rally?

 Somewhere central in the City of Napa. You will receive a text/email with instructions on exactly where we will rally and where you might park.

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