Support Al Otro Lado’s Vida Libre Bond Fund!

The Vida Libre Bond Fund is a revolving bond fund for asylum seekers, migrants and refugees being held in detention centers. Bail is often set well beyond the means of our clients, most of whom represent the most impoverished and vulnerable populations. Because they can’t pay bail, our clients are forced to wait in detention where essential medical care is inept, emotional, verbal and even sexual abuse occurs regularly, and access to legal counsel is severely limited. It’s a for-profit system designed to break the human spirit.

The Vida Libre Bond Fund will pay for our clients’ bail and offers one of the few ways that they can be restored a sense of dignity and autonomy, and fight for just immigration proceedings. We believe freedom is a basic human right and not a privilege only accessible to the wealthy. Once our clients meet all legal obligations in their final immigration hearing, their bond can be refunded, and that money goes back into the Vida Libre Bond Fund to help more people and families!

We would love if you could consider a recurring monthly donation, however we are grateful for any amount. Click on the link to donate and please share!

Loving shout out to Ashluka for designing this graphic for us!

Al Otro Lado is  a bi-national, non-profit organization, direct legal services organization serving indigent deportees, migrants, and refugees in Tijuana, Mexico. The bulk of our services are immigration-related.


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