Take Action Before December 10th to Protect Working-Class Immigrant Families


There is Still Time to Make a Difference. 

This is urgent. You have until Monday, December 10th, 2018 to submit comments that can influence whether the proposed changes to public charge, which will have devastating consequences for low-income immigrants, will be thwarted.

If the proposed changes go into effect, immigrants could be denied green cards or permanent residency if an immigration officer thinks they might someday use government programs that offer essential healthcare, food security, and housing assistance. The proposed changes also make being a child, being elderly, or being low-income a negative weight on the public charge test. Creating a litmus test that gives preference to those with greater wealth is the antithesis of everything the United States stands for and is against our values.

The fact is that immigrants make enormous contributions to our country. Immigrants contribute more to the U.S. economy than they receive and play an important role in sustaining social security and the social safety net. The proposed changes to public charge will hurt not only immigrants but the United States as a whole.

The government must review all public comments before the changes can go into effect. Please help us fight back against these devastating proposed changes. Your comment will make a difference.

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